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We are looking for talented artistes like actors, actresses, anchors, models, DJs, VJs, RJs & photographers to get their face and talent discovered. If you are an upcoming artiste – this is your chance to sign-up. So why wait – Are you a talented individual who has what it takes to become the next big name amongst the top? Are you a producer or director looking for a fresh face for a Feature Film or Advertisement? If so, come and experience the Market today!

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Auditions are Closed as of now. But no worries, our doors will be open soon.

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Platform for Audience

Platform for Audience

IdealActor is building the next generation platform connecting Directors, Producers & Writers with Actors, Actresses, Singers & Photographers.

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100% Data Risk Free

100% Data Risk Free

Now you don’t have to post your contact details on unknown websites & risk privacy. IdealActor treats your data with utmost care & never provides it for marketing.

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Age of Social Networks

Age of Social Networks

In Today’s world of facebook, linkedin & twitter we have also equipped some social features that can benefit you & connect with your fans directly.

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Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Our Platform can be simple to view, complex to use & also has endless possibilities. We constantly update new features & also get feature requests from customers.

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IdealActor is now in beta stage & welcoming artistes to join the next big thing. We believe that having people tell about themselves shows how interested they are to become the next big star.

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Free Membership Features

We are offering beta invites to people who are on our facebook fan page. These are the features that we are offering FREE OF COST. Our beta invites ends July 31, 2011. So Hurry & Sign-up now or Invite your friends:

  • Your Profile URL
  • High Quality Profile Photo*
  • Your own Introduction text
  • Facebook Recommend Button
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Participate as a Media Partner

IdealActor is happy to partner with select companies and events for mutual promotion. In all cases there must be a good alignment of audiences and interests. We welcome companies in Media & Entertainment field to become our partner to provide us information on new casting rolls, auditions, talent hunt etc…

  • Free Listing of your company
  • Linking your company to profiles you submit
  • Free Contact Form on your Partner page

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This is a great platform for upcoming artistes to showcase their portfolio & interests to get connected – Jai Sankar, Actor
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